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The Power and Speed Podcast covers everything from the Street / Grudge racing scene to the all out Half Mile and One Mile shootouts. Mike, Tom, and Tad all lend years of racing experience to the discussion. Racing personalities and guests will stop by our studio or call in. Join in the discussion Mondays at 7:00 PM EST by calling into the show 908 751 0211.
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Power and Speed.  The two single most important things to an automotive performance enthusiast.  Mike, Tom, and Tad explore a variety of racing related subjects.

Anything racing could be discussed on any given show.  From the high speed Texas mile events to the Street / Grudge scene found in the local areas we all have in our regions.

Racing guests and personalities ranging from top current professional racers to professional engine and chassis builders are already on the schedule.  The listeners are not excluded from the conversation either.  Want to call in and be part of the show?  No problem. 

Get involved.  Listen live on and call in 908 751 0211. Show ideas, praise, or criticism, they want to hear from you.  Recording/Broadcasts happening between 7:30PM to 8:30PM East Coast time Monday nights. Follow our twitter @powerspeedpod for exact call in times and live streaming events. Like us on Facebook and iTunes! 

Jun 27, 2015
019 - Power and Speed - Corvettes socks, Charlie Buck Break-in, Getting Kids into racing

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio.  Phones apparently were not working last week, but they are fixed for this week.

GM has given Mike the news his Corvette is going to be fixed.  The repair of the warranty is authorized, but you can tell at some point this is going to put Mike over the edge.

Tad is still trying to sign on to Yellow Bullet to get a self learning injection guy to call in, but it seems he has issues with getting signed up.  Now this could very well be Tad and not Yellow Bullets fault. 

Mini-Van Tom brings up the Charlie Buck racing engines break-in and robbery.  Reports have it as high 1.3 million in engines and related parts stolen.  That is a substantial loss, and we all hope they really find the people behind it.  

Crunch did a little car shopping this weekend.  Looked at a ZL1 that is now over 70K.  He's 100% right, for 70K.. why not buy a Corvette?

Live next week at 7:00PM EST on  Call in number 908 751 0211 live callers second half of the show.

Jun 15, 2015
018 - Power and Speed - Loss of a friend

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio for a sad podcast.

We all have people we have lost, and it's never easy.  Mr John Cornell, a dear friend of Mike and his family passed away suddenly at a local race track doing what he loved, watching his son race.  It's always a hard loss when it's one of the good guys, and it Mr Cornell was one of the best. 

He will be missed, and we all wish his family the best at this very difficult time.

God Speed "Big Rooster" 

Jun 9, 2015
017 - Power and Speed - Formula Drift, Subaru Event, Crunch and DSR

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Thaddeus in studio tonight.

Car guys are always car guys, doing their thing.  The guys like them all, but it does not mean they do not have opinions on certain types of "racing".  Formula Drift got on Mike's radar this weekend, and he's not impressed.  In 99% of racing spinning the tire is not a good thing, but they do pack a crowd.  Prepare for some hate mail on this one.

Tom attended the Subaru car show, without his Subaru.  The guys were hoping he drove his multi-cool soccer mom mini van, but no such luck.  Some of the questions he was asked at the show are discussed.  We are for sure at the age of misinformation.

Thaddeus poked into the self learning injection mentioned the other week.  Mike is not thinking it's there yet, and the guys think it can be done.  If anyone has one, they would like to hear about it.

Crunch took a thorough beating on, and really does not care.  He said all those same guys have been messing with him for a long time, and it just does not matter to him.  Sorry to disappoint his "fan base".  He does bring up a set of questions about what defines a backhalf VS a tube chassis car.  This was leading somewhere, and I  could be wrong but I think he was calling out DSR!

Live again Monday night at around 7:30 PM EST on  Call in and be part of the show.  908 751 0211 


Jun 2, 2015
016 - Power and Speed - Cool Toys and Newman Doc

Mike, Crunch, Tom in studio.  Tad is here, but in the penalty box for not doing his homework.

Mike has been trying to get the guys to watch "Winning: The racing life of Paul Newman" from Adam Carrola for some time now.  So far Tom is the only one who actually watched it.  Tad has been relegated to the "green room" with popcorn and TV.  He will return after he finishes his assignment.  It's a great movie, and every car guy should watch it.  Much more to Paul Newman than you can imagine.

Crunch was scheduled to run a race for cash, and he cancelled for his own reasons.  He has taken quite a bit of heat on, but he is not afraid to tell his side on mic.  He lost a deposit, but won another bet.

Mike again has corvette issues.  On the hook again and back to the dealer.  He's not happy and explains the motor failure along with the failure of the clutch system.

Toys:  Everyone had them, and every car guy had something that they remember that at the time life was never better.  The passion that car guys have all things mechanical starts at an early age.

A few callers, Crunch get to talk to his opponent after the deposit forfeit.  A caller checks in from Michigan, Fireman Jeff calls in, and Crunch's racing partner Hassan gives the fairest man in drag racing his props.

Live again Monday night at around 7:30 PM EST on  Call in and be part of the show.  908 751 0211 



May 27, 2015
015 - Power and Speed - Memorial Day

Mike, Crunch, Tom and Tad in studio tonight.

Happy Memorial day.  Not enough can be said about our Veterans.  Does not matter if it is Memorial day or not, be nice to a Veteran.  They are the only reason you are free to live your life like you do.  From all of us, a heartfelt thank you!

Mike has issues with weight and circle track racing is slowly sucking him in.  He will slowly implode, just watch and see.  Mike saw a beautiful 62 Chevy Nova and after talking to the guy a few minutes they talk about the single turbo that is under the hood and who built it.

Tad has food issues, and as sure as Mike is going to implode Tad is going to explode. Tad brought up the subject of self learning EFI.  A tuners worst nightmare is becoming a reality.  I am sure the guys will research this and have more on it next week.

Crunch caught some racing this weekend, and he alerts us our guests from a few weeks back "Gordo" and "Krazy Horse" both had races.  Some good, some bad, some a little controversial.

Tom basically did nothing all weekend, and STILL did not watch "Winning, the racing life of Paul Newman".  Even though he didn't you should.  Great movie, amazing story.  Tom is still sporting the multi cool minivan, and the Subaru has a return date set.  (Mike is gonna wup ya Tom)

Check Power and Speed out next week live on at 8:00PM Est.  Call in and be part of the show.  908 751 0211.

May 18, 2015
014 Power and Speed - Ryan Krachun in studio

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio today with guest Ryan Krachun.

Tom recounts he latest trip, and he tells us he spent some time at a "cup" shop.  Not much to be gained there, it's not like they put signs on stuff that says "cool top secret stuff here".  He also stopped in to see master engine builder Gene Fulton.

Ryan Krachun is in studio this week.  Ryan, now 16, has been racing forms of circle track since he was 7 years old.  He is the youngest person to ever be given the permission to race in "modified" circle track racing by the state police (yes NJ Sucks).  After only two starts in DIRT small block modified racing, he scored his first win.  The guys get to know Ryan, and at the end of the interview, the fabled "John John" calls in to give his fellow competitor props on a job well done.

Be back next week at 8:00PM EST Monday night.  Live on, and call ins welcome.  908 751 0211.

May 12, 2015
013 Power and Speed - Tad

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad are in studio.

Tom is leaving again, Tad is still trying to figure out how to put headphones on, Crunch's word list is out, and Mike has issue with salt?   

There is an Alan swingset update, and it looks as if it is almost complete, but that does come with news of his departure.  Tad will be in for Alan for the foreseeable future.

The very first question from a listener is addressed.  Tires and a little bit of what guys are using now.  Radial vs Bias and  tire brands are discussed.  Clearly they are not tire experts, but try to give a least an overview of what they know.

Back next week on mixlr 8:00 PM EST on Monday night, and as always live call in number 908 751 0211.


May 5, 2015
012 Power and Speed - Tim Christ from Coast Chassis

Mike, Tom, Crunch, and Fudd stand in Tad are in studio.  

Mike still is dreading the return to the dirt tracks.  With his little brother starting to race again, the frustration begins.

The PDRA changed the rules on our resident racing celebrity, and the guys discuss the balance of a class with mixed motor rules.  It a tough subject, but something worth thinking about.

Tim Christ, owner of Coast Chassis from Edgewater Florida calls in to discuss what chassis work today has evolved into.  Small tire and pro mod class cars are a large part his business.  X275 type chassis costs are discussed, and in the end there is no real firm number on cost.

We will be back next Monday night at 8:00pm est.  Call in and join the show 908 751 0211


Apr 21, 2015
011 Power and Speed - Simon Passes,

Mike, Crunch and Tom in studio.  Alan is off with parental duties, and building a swingset. (I swear that's true)

Some sad news, "Big Simon", one of the founding fathers of Newark street racing has passed.  He will be missed by many, and rest in peace my friend.

"Pro Stock" Gordo, the new kid on the block of East Coast Grudge racing for Cash, called in last week for an interview.  Time was short, so the interview was added to todays show.  This guy tells it like it is, and calls everyone out!

Anothony DiSomma, PDRA record holder and Rockingham event winner, calls in to check in with the guys.  Thata guy hes afunny.

We meet call screener Thaddeus after his first day of screening.  Was a slow call day because the guys blew it on the posting in various places.  He better not get comfortable, because the calls get busy.

Be back next week Monday night at 7:30PM EST live on  Call in 908 751-0211 and be part of the show.


Apr 19, 2015
010 Power and Speed - X275 costs, Coast Chassis, Engine Building

Crunch, Mike and Tom in studio, Alan once again on parenting duties.  Feel free to call in and question his priorities.


Crunch saw Fast and Furious, and effective derailed abuse by taking the "in honor of Paul Walker" route.


Rudy from Florida calls in about some Florida racing on goings, and who is also a Coast Chassis customer. That called leads into the costs of a small tire stock suspension type chassis in a class like X25. This leads to Mike explaining just how much he misses building engines. 


The guys are talking to Mike Murillo, Ken Herring, and Tim from Coast for future episodes.

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