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The Power and Speed Podcast covers everything from the Street / Grudge racing scene to the all out Half Mile and One Mile shootouts. Mike, Tom, and Tad all lend years of racing experience to the discussion. Racing personalities and guests will stop by our studio or call in. Join in the discussion Mondays at 7:00 PM EST by calling into the show 908 751 0211.
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Power and Speed.  The two single most important things to an automotive performance enthusiast.  Mike, Tom, and Tad explore a variety of racing related subjects.

Anything racing could be discussed on any given show.  From the high speed Texas mile events to the Street / Grudge scene found in the local areas we all have in our regions.

Racing guests and personalities ranging from top current professional racers to professional engine and chassis builders are already on the schedule.  The listeners are not excluded from the conversation either.  Want to call in and be part of the show?  No problem. 

Get involved.  Listen live on and call in 908 751 0211. Show ideas, praise, or criticism, they want to hear from you.  Recording/Broadcasts happening between 7:30PM to 8:30PM East Coast time Monday nights. Follow our twitter @powerspeedpod for exact call in times and live streaming events. Like us on Facebook and iTunes! 

Aug 18, 2015
027  - Power And Speed - NHRA 2016 Pro Stock Rules

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad all back in studio.

It seems Greys Anatomy is mentioned quite often.  Please feel free to call Mike out on this.  

The NHRA published information on the already discussed 2016 Pro Stock Rules package.  The Electronic Injection section is pretty well defined, and the guys seem to think overall it was a good choice of nailing things down as they did.  Engine builders always look for areas of exploit, and the people that write rules "try" to account for those areas.  It's never easy, but you have to start somewhere.

Street Outlaws armageddon was run, and Chief came out on top.  Mike and Tad are still particularly impressed that it is a real Pontiac foundation engine.  Hats off Chief and congrats.

Giveaways are being formulated, and it's fairly clear this will be for live listeners only.  I can tell you behind the scenes there are some pretty good ideas on exactly how to do this.

Live again next week Monday night at 7:00 PM EST on  Call in number 908 751 0211.  Live callers welcome, and this will be the line for giveaways.

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Aug 11, 2015
026 - Power and Speed - Crunch gets called out

Mike, Crunch and Tad in studio.  Tom is out today with some family things he had to do.

Crunch went to MIR this weekend for a 12 hour day of Class, Grudge, Shootout, and seafood.  The event was put on by Joe Gray and Larry T for putting on a great event.  Do you have an event you are trying to promote?  Let us know.  Does not matter where in the country you are, and we will help drive whoever we can there.  

Tad brings up Mr Bean Rowan Atkinson gets the award for the highest collision repair cost.  930'000 UK Pounds, or 1.4 mil US dollars.  The amazing part, the car sold after being wrecked to that extent, it was sold 12.2 mil US dollars.  (BTW, Mike hit that math right on the head on the fly... WTF)

This was a first, and bound to happen.  Crunch get a hostile caller looking to call him out for a race.  Now while this might not be everyone's idea of good radio, but this is how it really happens.  It's gonna be tough to set something up on here, but this is how it goes.  Hats off to both guys for not getting to heated during this segment.

Blast from the not so distant past.  Alan, AKA Fudd, Fuddrick, The Engineer, calls in.  He turned out to be a good caller, and Tom missed it.

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Aug 4, 2015
025 Power and Speed - Daddy Dave Crash - New Top Gear

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio.  Crunch has mechanical difficulties.  Fireman Jeff stopped by, so he picked up Crunches mic.  Light show over all with busy weeks for all involved.

Mike has fixed the Excursion.  Many curse words later it runs.  While he made it clear that this is not a sponsor, he likes the product he used to fix it.  AutoEnginuity is the company he got the software from.  Sounds like he really likes the product, and gave it good marks.

Tom had some details on the failed no prep race, and there will be more info to come on the rescheduling of the race.  Tom brought up a good idea, maybe the guys should do it? They have enough connections to organize it, it would just be a matter of getting the airport secured under contract.

Full hosts return on Monday 7:00PM EST with updates on rescheduling the no prep race.  Call in 908 751 0211

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Jul 28, 2015
024 - Power and Speed - Pro Stock rule changes

Mike, Tom, Crunch, and Tad in studio today.


Mike needs help, the 7.3 Excursion just stopped the other day.  Many acronyms, no solutions yet.  Keep in mind, this was his father truck, so he's not about to give up.  If anyone knows a few hints for him, drop a note on Facebook.


One main subject today.  NHRA Facebook rumored proposed changes to NHRA Pro Stock.  Pro Stock, undoubtedly the purest and most refined form of drag racing, is about to have some big changes if the information all holds up.  EFI, No scoops, and other things will change Pro Stock forever.  Good or Bad?  You decide. 


Are you in the NY/NJ/PA area?  How does a no prep last man standing 16 car race at an airpot sound?  Sound good?  Listen for details, they guys will be taking a road trip this weekend.  (this means you Crunch)


PS:  Tom still driving a mini van, and Tad has his multicool door handle still.  (see facebook for photo.


Live next week at 7:00PM EST on, call ins always welcome.  908 751 0211 Like us/follow us on facebook, Twitter, and iTunes.  

Jul 21, 2015
023 Power and Speed - Grudge race discussion

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio.

It was inevitable.  The discussions about the "Grudge Scene" of racing were bound to come up.  There was a high dollar, high profile race this weekend, and the format of this race is a topic among the people who follow this particular section of racing.  Street Outlaws brought a little but of this form of racing into view, but that is not really what it is all about.  There are always rivalries, but that is not what sets a race.  Listen in and learn more about what goes on, and how these big money races usually go off.  A few Grudge race heavy hitters call in, and bring their views to the show.

Tom brings something interesting about a race setup at an airport in Wurtsboro NY.  It seems this is going to be a last man standing unprepped airport drag race.  The guys might actually go.

Tad actually has some content.  Seems he went to an antique engine show this weekend.  It might not be to everyones liking, but keep in mind this is where we all come from.  Car Guys are mechanical guys, and some of this stuff is really worth looking at.  

Check out our Facebook page for video, and give us a like... or Tom will be cranky.

Live recording next week Monday at 7:00PM EST.  You can listen live on and if you are, feel free to call in with questions or comments.  908 751 0211 for live call in.

Jul 15, 2015
022 Power and Speed - Tom attends a Street Outlaws taping

Mike, Tom, Crunch, and Tad in studio today.

Crunch has some info from the Grudge racing for cash scene.  Mike and Tom wanted to go to Krazy Horses event at island this past weekend, but Mike was "busy" and Tom took a flight....

Tom flew to Oklahoma to be part of a Street Outlaws taping.  We get as much inside information as we can on the workings of the show, but Tom is bound by nondisclosure forms.  It's no secret that the guys really got digs in on Street Outlaws in previous podcasts, even more specifically Mike.  Things we see on the show are clarified, testing before racing is explained, and how far off this particular show is from airing.  If you had questions about how this all worked, here is the place to hear about the inner workings.

Live recording next week Monday at 7:00PM EST.  You can listen live on and if you are, feel free to call in with questions or comments.  908 751 0211  Live callers are always nice.

Jul 5, 2015
021 - Power and Speed - HeadGames Motorworks Dave Localio

Mike, Tom, and Tad in studio today.  Crunch is visiting family, and will return next week.

Tom's 69 Camaro will be involved in a photo shoot in the near future for Manley Performance.  The car has not run in a long time, and this leads into a discussion about motor storage, and if Tom's motor is even ok.  Valvespring back off myths and condensation are discussed.

Mike skates on a 127 in a 50 ticket by a VERY understanding state trooper in NJ.  Very nice to see a cop who understands sometimes you just have to run it through the gears. Although a very strict warning about doing it again is issued.

The owner of HeadGames Motorworks, Dave Localio calls in today.  Headgames does work over a broad range of cylinder heads, and there is no doubt Headgames is the real deal.  Headgames is involved with some very potent 2JZ stuff, and it is revealed that he has a Supra headed to face off with Street Outlaws.  Tom has decided to go and tag along, and this should make for some very interesting follow up when they can actually talk about it.

The guys will be back live on on a regular Monday night schedule after this holiday week.  7:00PM or so start time, and call in number is as always 908 751 0211

Jul 1, 2015
020 - Power and Speed - Movie cars, Street Outlaws, Larry Morgan loses it

Mike, Tom, Crunch, and Tad in studio today.


Street Outlaws, maybe going a better direction as of late.  Everyone agrees the views of the races, the locations they race, and the overall safety of what they do is questionable, but the cars are really some serious stuff.  The guys still dislike it overall, but if you like cars it beats a sharp stick in the eye.


Movies cars:  Strange subject, but some good movies from the past are discussed.  This is something every car guy loves and hates. Very rarely does Hollywood get the car side right.  You would think they have a large enough budget to actually TALK to a car guy to get the details right.  Hey Hollywood, instead of worrying about fast and furious sound effects, get your stuff right.  Nugget of Mikes psychosis - Mike hates trains


Listeners are always encourage to participate, and a few actually have.  The subject of turbo or supercharger are brought up.  Everyone has opinions on this, and it's discussed from a preference perspective. 


Larry Morgan loses his S**T on ESPN about the NHRA.  They play the audio, and you really need to hear this.  Larry Morgan is no joke, and calls it like he sees it.  Gotta love it!


Next week show time is unclear because of the 4th of July, but the guys will be live at some point on  Call in 908 751 0211 like and visit us on Facebook and iTunes.

Jun 27, 2015
019 - Power and Speed - Corvettes socks, Charlie Buck Break-in, Getting Kids into racing

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio.  Phones apparently were not working last week, but they are fixed for this week.

GM has given Mike the news his Corvette is going to be fixed.  The repair of the warranty is authorized, but you can tell at some point this is going to put Mike over the edge.

Tad is still trying to sign on to Yellow Bullet to get a self learning injection guy to call in, but it seems he has issues with getting signed up.  Now this could very well be Tad and not Yellow Bullets fault. 

Mini-Van Tom brings up the Charlie Buck racing engines break-in and robbery.  Reports have it as high 1.3 million in engines and related parts stolen.  That is a substantial loss, and we all hope they really find the people behind it.  

Crunch did a little car shopping this weekend.  Looked at a ZL1 that is now over 70K.  He's 100% right, for 70K.. why not buy a Corvette?

Live next week at 7:00PM EST on  Call in number 908 751 0211 live callers second half of the show.

Jun 15, 2015
018 - Power and Speed - Loss of a friend

Mike, Tom, Crunch and Tad in studio for a sad podcast.

We all have people we have lost, and it's never easy.  Mr John Cornell, a dear friend of Mike and his family passed away suddenly at a local race track doing what he loved, watching his son race.  It's always a hard loss when it's one of the good guys, and it Mr Cornell was one of the best. 

He will be missed, and we all wish his family the best at this very difficult time.

God Speed "Big Rooster" 

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